Can’t get enough bourbon…

This evening, I was in the mood for some Southern comfort food, so I made a Bourbon glazed meatloaf. I added 2 cups of extra Sriracha because I like it spicy…..SUCCESS!!!  I paired the Boulevard Smokestack Series Bourbon Barrel Aged Quad, which is aged in bourbon barrels with cherries.

At first, I was hesitant with the pairing, as I did not want to be overwhelmed with bourbon, but it turned out to be a match made in heaven!!  I used cherry preserves in the recipe, so this blended nicely with the cherry notes in the Quad.

This 2014 vintage beer drinks amazingly now, but I’m going to buy several more bottles to cellar for later enjoyment.  I highly recommend this quad!  At 11.8%, the alcohol is surprisingly not overbearing, even when drinking this beer without food. The subtle cherry, toffee, and vanilla notes will leave your palate happy!


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