About the Barrel Aged Babe

Hi Barrel Aged Babe friends!  Just wanted to post a little introduction about me and my mission for this blog.  For the past 12 years, I have tasted and studied many things barrel-aged.  My first love was wine. That love blossomed into a thirst for more knowledge about wine and the process of wine making.  I began to pursue wine education courses to learn more about wine and spirits while living in Atlanta, Georgia.  Since then, I have taken over 40 wine courses and have achieved the Wine and Spirits Education Trust (WSET) Level 3 Award in Wine and Spirits. I plan to further my studies to attain the Level 5 Honours Diploma, the highest award level in the program.  I was a writer for The Wine Report magazine for 2 years.  I tasted wines and wrote reviews of the wines. I am an avid lover of scotch and other spirits as well.  On a nice evening, I enjoy a good glass of scotch with a Maduro wrapper cigar.

I began my quest into the world of craft beer only 3 short years ago.  Since then, I regularly engage in beer festivals and tastings and I have visited 100 breweries in the past 18 months.  When I visit breweries or wineries, I make it a point to seek out the owner or brewer to gain additional insights about the brewery, beers, and any other interesting information not readily available. This year, I am embarking on a new adventure….to complete the book 300 Beers to Try Before you Die! by Roger Protz. My 300 beers quest will also be included here.

I look forward to posting new and exciting information about all things barrel aged!  Thanks for following me!

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